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Bendyk Germany was founded in 2018 and is one of the latest sneaker labels on the market.
Sneakers are indeed a true all-around talent which enhance diversity and multiplies choice of combination. Bendyk has interpreted and evolved the concept of casual luxury and informal elegance to state-of-the-art status. Join the trendiest!
Bendyk doesn‘t adhere to seasons but, rather, remains freely combinable – it is all up to you! Our sneakers remain modern and stylish, yet independent of any particular season.
Bendyk Sneakers are much more than simple shoes: Bendyk Sneakers are a substantial life-enhancing philosophy. Bendyk Sneakers are designed for individuals to express themselves and to underline their personal statement. Bendyk Sneakers are a must for people who value quality, design and innovation as the basis for a high- value product, not only the name of the brand.

The image of Bendyk is characterized by the broad choice of various materials implemented in its products. Shades of noble metal, satin-optics and metallic shades convey intelligent, state-of-the-art style..
All Bendyk Sneakers are produced and manufactured exclusively in Italy, Bendyk offering significant sustainability along with style and value.

The same passion with which we create BENDYK Sneakers is also found in the way we produce our shoes.
Bendyk Sneakers are produced and manufactured exclusively in Italy in small family- run manufacturing. It is one of our priorities to run this business with great respect and sensitivity to our surroundings and the world in which we live.
Our stance on animal welfare is clear: Bendyk does not support the use of real fur or pelts, or the leather or skin of endangered species appearing on either International Union for the Converstaion of Nature (IUCN) or Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) lists, which are not used in Bendyk products.
Exotic animals or skin from wild- caught are not used in Bendyk. Also, leather or skin must not be obtained while the animal is still alive.

When I created and founded Bendyk, there was no super genius, unique Masterplan with the final Masterproduct; creativity, fexibility and adherence to our values are the primary motivators and drivers at Bendyk.
It all started with a passion for sneakers, great support of family and friends and also my kids and, finally, lots of experience in all aspects of life.
Bendyk is one of the latest sneaker labels on the market. We travel with open eyes and mind through the world of imagination and ideas in order to express this label. The result can be ascribed to the never-ending passion and motivation of people who work with their ambition, love, sometimes frustration and trouble, aligned interests and, of course, fun and experience on Bendyk.
We work step-by-step, as well as we can with both feet on ground (adorned by Bendyk sneakers). Every day, we arise to see what is going to be – the result is available to you.


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